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The complete meal for your pet with the perfect balance of nutrition and convenience.

We are a family of chefs & pet-health enthusiasts who cook yummy fresh food with clear and straightforward ingredients.


Quality proteins and vegetables come together with targeted vitamins and minerals to provide the essential nutrients Dogs & Cats need at every life stage. 

From lounging to playing, stylish everyday furniture. 

New-age wood crafters who think of furniture design with comfort, defined by utility for the pet and their humans.


Designs that seamlessly fit your living space 

<p>Grow your own Cat Grass</p><p>Grow your own Cat Grass</p>

Grow your own Cat Grass

Nothing better than fresh grass grown at home to improve your cats digestions and add other benefits to your cats body.

<p>For your Cat &amp; You</p>

For your Cat & You

Creature comfort for the creatures that demand perfection

Create the prefect environment for our feline buddies to claw, scratch and lounge like they would outside while you keep all your valuables safe. 

<p>Why should Cats have all the fun?&nbsp;</p>

Why should Cats have all the fun? 

Dog furniture that belongs in your living room

Handcrafted Dog furniture that has been designed to fulfill all their lounging needs without looking out of place.  

<p>Why should Cats have all the fun?&nbsp;</p>

Feline Sharpening Tools

These products are the  perfect substitute for them to sharpen their claws