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Added on 23-03-2023
BY Steffi D'silva

Indie girl! Are you hungry?

Indie Girl! Are You Hungry? - A Story of Finding the Right Fresh Dog Food

Last year, I adopted a cute little puppy named Indie. Taking care of her was a full-time job, but I enjoyed every moment of it. However, as she grew up, I realized that switching her from liquid to solid foods was a whole new challenge. I wanted to give her the best, but I had limited time and a fixed grocery budget to work with.

I wasn't comfortable with feeding her kibble, so I started meal-planning and prepping each week with a mix of meat, veggies, and rice. But, cooking separately and the dirty dishes were a headache. Moreover, Indie turned out to be a fussy eater, and I ended up with wasted food, which was frustrating. Finally, after struggling for a long time, I found a routine of cooking rice with chicken and curd, which she ate happily, but I knew it wasn't enough for her.

Then, I discovered Petamore Dog Food, which made my life so much easier. With Petamore, I could select the healthiest mix of meat and veggies for Indie, customized to her taste. The food was packed with fresh ingredients, making it a complete meal for her.

Petamore made me worry less about the safety of the food, and I could focus on other things while the food was delivered to my doorstep. Also, it saved me a lot of time, and I was free from the hassle of grocery shopping and cleaning up after cooking.

Indie loves her Petamore Dog Food, and I love the convenience it provides me. It's the perfect balance of nutrition and taste for my little Indie girl. So, if you're looking for fresh, healthy dog food that your furry friend will love, I highly recommend trying out Petamore.